About Us

A Bashout Creation

Samira Bashout, the owner and event architect of A Bashout Creation, is a highly accomplished professional with a strong educational background. She holds a degree from the NewSchool of Architecture & Design, where she received comprehensive training and valuable insights into architectural principles. Additionally, Samira completed the event management program at the University of San Diego, further enhancing her expertise in the industry. Her dedication to excellence is demonstrated by her achievement of becoming a Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) in 2018.

Samira’s architectural studies have profoundly influenced her unique approach to event floor plans. Drawing on her knowledge of traffic patterns and spatial design, she expertly crafts layouts that optimize guest flow and create immersive experiences. Moreover, her architectural background enables her to incorporate unconventional elements into event design, resulting in truly remarkable and captivating experiences.

As the owner and event architect, Samira Bashout brings a harmonious blend of architectural expertise, creative vision, and extensive event management knowledge to each project she undertakes. Her passion for fabrics, colors, textures, and innovative design concepts shines through in every detail, ensuring that every event curated by A Bashout Creation is a testament to her exceptional skill and unwavering dedication.